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content writing chennai - website content writing bangalore - content writing india - content writing trichy

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In content writing , "the inverted pyramid" is a metaphor that is used to illustrate how information should be organized, structured and arranged within a text to be published.

"The triangle's broad base at the top of the figure represents the most substantial, interesting, and important information the writer wants to convey. The triangle's orientation is meant to illustrate that this kind of material should head the article, while the tapered lower portion illustrates that other material should follow in order of diminishing importance."

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content writing chennai - website content writing bangalore - content writing india - content writing trichy

Our Methodology is Very Simple

1. Online content Scanning

Avoid Folding of Pages... Most of the users only see the content above the fold. With that limited info above the fold of the article they take a decision about whether to stay there or to move on to scan other information.

2. Less content Reading time

Online readers spend less and less time on most sites while investing significantly greater amounts of time on the few pages that really interest them. Decisions about whether to stay on a web page or site are often taken in a very short time and having the key information of an article presented right away facilitates the reader in taking this decision not just on intuition but by providing her immediately with the most valuable part of the content you will be serving him. The sandwich approach is "time efficient" for the simple reason that readers can gather the key information about whatever article or report topic just by reading a few sentences.

3. Users Dont Scroll

"On the Web, the inverted pyramid becomes even more important since we know from several user studies that users don't scroll,(*) so they will very frequently be left to read only the top part of an article."

Services that we provide are:

  • content writing for websites and web portals
  • Copy writing for email marketing and newsletters
  • Writing product and service profiles
  • Designing web literature and product literature, e - magazine
  • Preparing newsletters and mailers
  • Articles, blogs, press releases, FAQs, knowledge banks etc
  • content development and redevelopment
  • Copywriting consultancy

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